Will I Get a Better Price Without an Agent? | Buying a New Home


Why should I use a Real Estate Agent if I’m buying new construction? That seems like a fair question, but the better question would be “why shouldn’t I use a Real Estate Agent  if I’m buying new construction?”.  The simple answer is that there usually isn’t a good reason not to use the services of an agent.

A popular misconception is that you can negotiate a better price on the home  if you don’t have a Real Estate Agent  because the builder won’t have to pay the agent’s commission.  This may occasionally happen with smaller builders, but with the vast majority of builders, especially the larger ones, that’s simply not what happens.  The builders have already factored that they will pay commission on most of the houses they sell.  Reputable builders take great care to  maintain a good relationship with Real Estate Agents, because they know that the majority of their business comes from buyers who have agents.  If builders gave discounts to buyers who were not working with agents,  that relationship would suffer.

So if there isn’t a financial gain to be had from working without an agent, why wouldn’t you?  In the next part, we will discuss some of the benefits that a Real Estate Agent can provide when buying new construction.